1. How do I find a doctor to get an immigration medical exam for my green card? 
    f you are in the US, go here: Find a doctor 
    If you are abroad, the US embassy or consulate maintains a list of authorized doctors in your country.
    Medicals are valid for one year. If possible, bring your vaccine records with you to your appointment.

  2. How can I find out if my case is outside the processing time?
    Check the filing date on your receipt letter from immigration and compare here: List of processing times
  3. How do I check the status of my case? 
    Check the receipt number on the upper left corner of your receipt notice here: Check the status
  4. I have moved. How do I notify immigration? 
    you must notify immigration within 10 days of your move if you are not a US citizen. You can do that online here: 
  5. Is my priority date current? This is another way to determine if there is a green card available for you right now in your visa category. Spouses, parents, and minor children (under 21) of US citizens are not in a preference category, they always have a visa available. Other employment and family based green cards, read this visa bulletin. It comes out every month and explains how Congress allocates (or in this case fails to allocate) visas to those who are waiting and what dates are currently eligible to file their green card applications. You "priority date" is the date your case was accepted for processing. The visa bulletin can be found hereVisa Bulletin